We provide a virtual machine for our customers according to pre-defined packages. Virtual machines can be choosen from the following plans:

% Basic Standard Expert Professional
RAM 64 MB 128 MB 256 MB 512 MB
Swap 128 MB 256 MB 512 MB 1024 MB
Disk 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB
CPU units 1000 2000 4000 10000
Network traffic unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
IP address 1 1 1 1
RAID 6 yes yes yes yes
64-bit yes yes yes yes
Triple-redundant PSU yes yes yes yes
Backup Handled by the customer. Optionally automatic backups can be ordered.
Console yes yes yes yes
Root access full full full full
Admin interface yes yes yes yes

If none of the above packages suit your needs, then you can request a quote with your special needs.

Switching from a package to another package is also possible.

The resources are guaranteed inside the virtual machine, no other virtual machine can access them. The CPU unit is a guaranteed minimum ratio, in case of CPU surplus availability in the system, the virtual machines can consume this surplus, so a virtual machine can use much more CPU units than the indicated minimum of the package.

The virtual machines have their own public IP addresses, of course additional IP addresses can be rented.

The console of the virtual machine is accessible anytime, so whenever a configuration problem (network, firewall, etc.) occurs and the virtual machine becomes unreachable via the network, it can be easily fixed through the console.

Upgrading the virtual machine is fast and easy (changing between packages), and the operating costs of the physical machine are incurred by us.

Arbitrary applications can be install and used on the virtual machine with custom configurations, for example: webserver, database management system, FTP server, monitoring system, simulation programs, test platform, development environment, Java application server, portal system, JSP hosting solution, game server, file server, netradio, etc.

By default no backups are made, but optinonally backups can be automatically created daily. Four backup images are created, three backups according to the last three days, and one backup of the state of the preceding Sunday. One could also request a custom backup scheme.

Practically it is just like a standalone dedicated server, but for the fraction of its price.

The administration of the virtual machine can be performed via a simple and secure web-based user interface. The administration interface allows you to:

  • query the state and properties of the virtual machine
  • start the virtual machine
  • stop the virtual machine
  • power off the virtual machine
  • reset the virtual machine
  • change the kernel of the virtual machine
  • check the network traffic graphs and statistics of the virtual machine
  • check the CPU unit usage graph of the virtual machine
  • read the console log of the virtual machine

We provide technical support regarding the management of the virtual machines, the operating system and the applications running inside the virtual machines.

We pre-install a Linux distribution choosen by the customer, which can be accessed over the Internet via SSH protocol. The informations and passwords required to log into the virtual machine are supplied by the service provider, so it is adviced to change the passwords at the first login, because from that time on the management of the virtual machine is fully done by the customer. If the customer requires, we can install additional software, and we can also perform the system administration tasks, the price depends on the exact tasks and needs.

To provide maximal data security and performance we use up-to-date technologies: triple-redundant power supplies, high-performance SATA disks configured in RAID 6, DDR2 ECC RAM (error checking and correcting memory), 64-bit Intel Xeon processors.

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Advised for those prospective customers, who can not or do not want to spend time on managing and configuring the rented virtual machine. We perform all the tasks regarding management: custom configurations, updates, upgrades, installing softwares, creating users, domains, virtual hosts, configuring e-mail aliases, controlling FTP access rights, making statistics, etc. Ideal solution for those who have several domains or hosting resellers; we provide the high level technical background, so customers will have more time to concentrate on their bussiness.

The default management service consists of managing 5 domains, 50 e-mail mailboxes and 1 mailing list. If one needs more extra packages are also available. Of course services other than web and e-mail can be supported, in this case please request a custom quote.

Depending on the size of the base package, we can install the following software by default (if you need another version or other software, please contact us):

Apache HTTP server 1.3 / 2



MySQL 4 / 5

PostgreSQL 7.4 / 8.1

Perl 5.8

Python 2.2/2.3/2.4


ProFTP server

JRE 1.4.2 / 1.5

Tomcat 4 / 5

Mailman 2.1










Dovecot IMAP server
Solid POP3 server

Horde 2 / 3
IMP 3 / 4
SpamAssassin 3


AWStats 6

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The dedicated virtual machine service gives the comfort of a virtual machine to a plain dedicated server. Only one virtual machine runs on the real machine, which uses all the resources the physical machine gots. The key advantage is the comfort of the virtual machine: the physical server can be stopped or started anytime without physical interference on site, the console is accessible anytime, which serves as a lifebelt, when network/firewall configuration problems occur, or the booting sequence can also be tracked.

There are no packages for the dedicated virtual machines, arbitrary hardware configurations can be assembled.

For more information please contact us with your needs, and we will give you a custom offer.

FTP backup space on remote server — Backup space on another physical machine for backup purposes, accessibly via FTP.

All-inclusive system administration — Permanent supervising, making changes requested by the customer, installing and configuring new software, perform general and security maintenance, checking log files, making backups, etc.

Support by a system engineer — Occasional general technical support, consulting not regarding the operation of virtual machine, for example: installing a web server, configuring a database management system (Apache/PHP/MySQL/Python/PostgreSQL/Perl etc.), configuring a mailing system, troubleshooting, etc.

Secondary DNS — If you run your own DNS server on your virtual machine, we can provide you a secondary DNS server.

Backup MX server — For maximum availablity we can provide a spare mailing server for the virtual machines.

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  Webhosting Virtual machine
Permanent Internet connection + +
Own domain name + +
Dedicated public IP address +
Custom firewall +
Unlimited domains +
Unlimited mailboxes +
Unlimited databases +
Unlimited users +
Secure, separated environment from other users +
Possibility to run custom applications +
Guaranteed resources +
Own filesystem +
root access +
SSH access +
Crontab Here and there +
Linux distribuion selection +
Custom application configuration +
  Dedicated server Virtual server
Permanent Internet connection + +
Own domain name + +
Dedicated public IP address + +
Possibility to run custom applications + +
Guaranteed resources + +
SSH access + +
root access + +
Immediate hardware upgrade +
Immediate startup/shutdown +
Low price +

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